permissible quantity of liquor without licence for personal consumption in up

If you are planning or having a liquor BAR at your home in UP for your personal consumption than it’s a must read for you as stocking liquor more than the permissible quantity without the licence in UP, can make you subject of legal proceedings. Alcohol being excisable good and being the matter of state list shall be governed by the laws prescribed by the concerned state government and the related rules shall vary from state to state and also can not be stored like a general commodity. The permissible quantity of liquor at home without licence in UP: As per Notification of U.P Govt No. 838E-2/XIII-2010-25/2010, one can stock without a licence -: 1. Country liquor (a) Spiced – 1.5 ltrs separately of each strength (b) Plain- 1.5 ltrs separately of each strength 2. Foreign Liquor – (a) BII/IMFL- 6ltrs (Whisky, Brandy,rum) including white rum,gin & vodka (b) BIO/Overseas- 6ltrs (Whisky, Brandy,rum) including white rum,gin & vodka (c) Wine Bottled in India(BII) – 3ltrs Bottled in Origin(BIO) – 3ltrs (d)Beer Bottled in India- 7.8ltrs Bottled in Origin 7.8ltrs (e)Other kind of Indian Imported Liquor- 2ltrs (f)Low Alcoholic Braveries – 6ltrs The good part is that, that this is the independent limit of an individual, so in case even if your spouse don’t drink, you can take advantage of his/her eligibility to store liquor within the permissible quantity and double the strength of storage at your home bar. If anyone is caught storing liquor above this limit, he or she will be liable for legal action. Stocking or drinking liquor, bought from another state is illegal in UP through the excise act of 1910. However after the series of recent amendments in the concerned law by the UP Govt, a person is allowed to carry 1 sealed bottle of liquor from the neighbouring state but beyond one bottle one is subject to face legal consequences. So if you are a resident of UP, prefer to buy liquor from Delhi for cheaper rates than as per new rules introduced by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh that kicked in from April 1, 2017 stipulate some stringent measures that include a jail term up to 5 years along with a fine of Rs 5,000, according to report in The Times of India. The rule shall not be applicable to the bottles with broken seals. (The author after due research has written this article. Any changes in the permissible limit to store liquor by the concerned state government after the said notification, if any or any fresh amendment in relation to the subject, are not within the knowledge of the author. Despite the legal research, this article only meant to be informative and do not form any legal opinion or client-lawyer relationship. The author advise you to observe and obey concerned laws and always be in a reasonable limit of a prudent health conscious person even if there is no limit prescribed by the legislature for consumption of alcohol.)

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