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We are not just a team of best lawyers in Noida but a family whose members share common value system comprising of integrity, advocacy and understanding with a fresh approach towards each and every legal question.
Rakesh Verma

Advocate Rakesh Verma

Our mentor Advocate Shri Rakesh Verma Sir is a veteran civil lawyer in Noida having 4 decades of experience in civil litigation. His area of expertise includes but not limited to land acquisition matters, property matters, arbitration matters and service matters. He has represented successfully many reputed banks, colleges, institutions and Govt. Authorities before Hon’ble Supreme Court, High Courts and District Courts across North India. Apart from being the best civil lawyer in Noida, Rakesh sir has authored almost 20 books on various law points. He has built a reputation for being an informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and passionate advocate. His caring and compassionate nature shines through in his relationships with his clients as well as fellow advocates as he helps them navigate the legal and personal complexities.
Shri D.S. Bhadana

Advocate D S Bhadana

Our mentor Advocate Shri D.S Bhadana sir is among the most experienced and one of the best criminal lawyers in Noida. His more than two decades of experience as a criminal lawyer followed by equal experience as a senior police official in Uttar Pradesh Police contributes greatly to his set of skills comprising adaptability, resourcefulness, empathetic client approach, courage and fearlessness that makes him stand as the best criminal lawyer in Noida. He is famously called as the 302 (murder) and 376 (rape) matters specialist. It is to his credit that he has saved the life and liberty of many innocent men who were frivolously dragged in to false rape and abduction charges. He has successfully represented number of high-stake and high-profile criminal matters. His energy as well as success benchmarks are hard to match for anyone.
Ritu Rawat

Advocate Ritu Rawat

Advocate Ritu Rawat is one of the finest civil lawyers in Noida. She focuses her practice in Civil Litigation, Matrimonial Disputes and Consumer Disputes with all corporate transactional matters. She is a first-class commerce graduate from Delhi University holding a first-class Law degree as well as a degree in Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Having previously worked in service consulting industry; Advocate Ritu Rawat developed extensive experience with a diversity of contracts and negotiations. Advocate Ritu Rawat is also a well-known family lawyer in Noida who has been strongly advocating rights of males and working with the aim to save the institution of marriage and safeguard the interest of affected children by adapting a balanced approach in a matrimonial litigation towards both the genders.
Sandeep kumar

Advocate Sandeep Kumar

Advocate Sandeep Kumar is one of the best criminal lawyers in Noida. His areas of practice include criminal litigation, bail and trials, Cheque bounce cases etc. He is a first-class law graduate with a master’s degree in Political Science. In addition to excellent academic credentials, he also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. He has got a rich network of resourceswhich is vitalto get any job done. With his nearly a decade of experience, in the criminal law field, he understands the personal stakes that are involved in confronting sensitive legal issues. He brings this understanding to his practice of criminal law by ensuring the clients of best solutions to their legal problems. Please connect with the best criminal lawyer in Noida for any criminal matter.
vinod Tanwar

Advocate Vinod Tanwar

Advocate Vinod Tanwar is one of the best property lawyers in Noida. He is an alumnus of reputed Delhi Universityand arenowned property lawyer in Noida. His specialization and core practice area are land and property matters. He is resourceful and has great negotiation skills. His full of life attitude enabled him to build a rich network of resources, from the ground level to the topmost hierarchy. He is an optimistic person who believe in settling the legal disputes through mutual settlements rather contesting them for years.
Lakshay Verma

Advocate Lakshay Verma

Advocate Lakshay Verma is first class graduate and a post graduate in law from prestigious Amity University, Noida. The virtue of him being the third-generation lawyer of a reputed civil lawyer family and his great intellect and hard work has made him to shine as a successful corporate lawyer in Noida in a small span of time. In the firm, he is tasked with the responsibility of corporate legal drafting and commercial litigation. He is a passionate lawyer who shows a novel approach towards every legal problem that is assigned to him.
Amit Kumar

Advocate Amit Kumar

Advocate Amit Kumar is one of the best corporate lawyers in Noida and a qualified Company Secretary. He is an expert in commercial laws ensuring company’s transactions comply with corporate laws and regulations. He has excellent negotiation skills and to his credit he has many successful mergers and acquisition of various legal entities. He is an IPR professional having vast experience in copyright and trademark registration and infringement matters.
Surendra bhati

Advocate Surender Singh Bhati

Advocate Surender Singh Bhati is not only a competent civil lawyer who specialise in land acquisition and arbitration matters but also an ex-army man and a renowned social worker who has been struggling for the rights of farmers for years now. His job with Indian Army reflects in his disciplined life and passion for his mission. Be it any social issue or a legal battle, his passion for his work is impressive. His area of specialization involves civil laws, land acquisition matters, arbitration and environmental laws. His courts of appearance include all High Courts and Supreme Court of India. Apart from sharing the legal work load, he contributes a lot to achieve the CSR goals of our firm.
Pawan Ram Tripathi

Advocate Pawan Ram Tripathi

Advocate Pawan Ram Tripathi is graduated in law from reputed Lucknow University and also holds a first- class post graduate degree in law. He is a member of Bar council of Uttar Pradesh. He has advocacy in his genes as he comes from the family of veteran civil lawyers. He is an active law practitioner, appearing at various courts, tribunals, forums, commissions and appellate courts in North India, representing individuals as well as corporate clientele in legal disputes. He specialises in criminal litigation, defamation, medical and professional negligence. He is a sharp law professional on one hand but a simple individual on the other hand, who enjoy his job but at the same time understand the amount of stake, a litigant has in a legal battle and endeavour to provide solutions and not answers to the legal issues faced by them.
mohd irfan

Advocate Mohammad Irfan

Advocate Mohammad Irfan has made his place among good civil lawyers in Noida. He has advocacy in his blood as he comes from a family of great civil lawyers. His area of practice primarily includes corporate-legal and transactional matters, property disputes and consumer cases. At such young age, he is successfully representing many high-stake matters before various tribunals, District courts, High courts and Supreme court of India.
Manisha Kumari

Advocate Manisha Kumari

Advocate Manisha Kumari is one of the best family lawyers in Noida. She holds a graduation and post-graduation degree in law. Her sound academic background and mature understanding enables her to understand the unstated needs of our clients facing matrimonial disputes which ultimately results in her successful representationfor distressed people from all backgrounds that makes her the most preferred family lawyer in Noida .
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Advocate Skandha Karanval

Advocate Skandha Karanwal is a first class law graduate. Her inquisitiveness and confidence along with her great intellect and hard work has made her to shine as a successful family lawyer in Noida in a small span of time. In the firm, she is tasked with the responsibility of legal drafting and family law related cases. She is mature and sensible. She is a passionate lawyer who shows a novel approach towards every legal problem that is assigned to her.