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Criminal Law

Criminal law is the branch of law that is related to crime. The crime can be against the person and property of an individual. The cases under criminal law can be broadly divided into two categories- first the cases where bodily injuries are caused for example hurt, assault, death etc. and second the cases of causing injury to one’s property for example theft, trespass, fraud, forgery, cheque, bounce, defamation, cybercrimes etc. Lawyer Mitra is the best criminal law firm in Noida having the best criminal lawyers who specialise in “crime against property and cyber laws”. Our expert criminal lawyers have extensive experience in handling following criminal cases:-

Criminal Law categories

Cyber Crimes
One of the most adverse side-effects of the evolution of information technology is cybercrime. The traditional crimes of theft, fraud, forgery even defamation and sexual harassment are now committed through the use of technology. This rapidly growing branch of criminal jurisprudence has increased the need of the best cybercrime lawyers in Noida. Lawyer Mitra is the best cyber crime law firm in Noida whose best criminal lawyers are well equipped to handle cybercrime cases.
Economic Crimes
The crimes of fraud, forgery, cheque bounce, financial irregularities etc. that results in financial losses to individuals or incorporated bodies are covered under economic offence category. Lawyer Mitra is the best law firm in Noida that specialise in economic offence cases. Such offences when done by big organizations are called the white-collar crimes. We have best criminal lawyers in Noida who handles economic offences related cases bails and trials.
Matrimonial Offences
Indian law has special provisions for offences related to marriage like bigamy, dowry demand and cruelty. There are other special acts enacted to safeguard married women who are subjected to cruelty like Protection of woman from Domestic violence Act. Many married women in India are subject to violence but there are instances of misuse of woman laws too. Lawyer Mitra is the best law firm in Noida to have successfully handled cases of domestic violence and secured physical and financial protection for the victim. Our best criminal lawyers have also successfully defended the males who are dragged into frivolous litigation in the garb of woman protection laws.