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Civil Law

All disputes which are not of criminal nature are subject matter of Civil law. The ambit of Civil law is very vast. It has the majority share in actual court litigation. All property disputes, family matters, Rera and consumer cases, Arbitration proceedings, corporate cases etc. are governed under civil laws in India. Lawyer Mitra is the best civil law firm in Noida having dedicated civil lawyers of Noida specialised and experienced in Civil law. Lawyer Mitra handles following civil law categories:

civil law categories

Property Cases
Under civil law Property is divided into movable and immovable properties. Almost one third of the civil litigation involves immovable property disputes in India. The increase in land value in Noida/Greater Noida have also increased the property disputes resultantly the need of good property lawyers in Noida. Property matters are complex so you need only the best property lawyers in Noida to safeguard and defend your rights. Our property lawyers have successfully handled possession, land acquisition, injunction(stay), Bainama (registry) cancellation, declaration and eviction suits before various civil courts.
Contractual disputes
Contractual disputes mostly arise from breach of contract by one of the parties. In very simple words, a contract is a set of promises by one of the parties in return of some promises by the other party. When one of the parties fails to fulfil its promise, it is called breach and the remedy is a civil suit. Practically, many a times a property dispute involves contractual dispute and vice versa. Therefore, contractual disputes owe a substantial portion in civil litigation. Contractual cases are never simple as the law governs contracts in India is a vast legislation full of complicated legal principles. We have the best civil lawyers in Noida to handle all contractual disputes related matters.
RERA cases
Large number of Buyers in Noida and Greater Noida are the biggest sufferer in India for the real estate sector’s failure to deliver their homes on time. Force delivery of incomplete flats, abandonment of projects, non-registration of flats due to builder’s default and Insolvency petitions by builders have worsen the situation of a buyer whose hard-earned money is stuck and a dream of having his own roof has shattered. All this has laid to the need of good Rera lawyers in Noida. Lawyer Mitra is having dedicated and experienced Rera lawyers in Noida to get such buyers justice.
Consumer Cases
We are all consumers. Every day we buy goods and products and avail services from different goods and service providers. Many a times we receive faulty product or deficiency in service. Insurance company refuses the claim, Bank deducts unjustified charges, product as displayed is different from what is dispatched by the e commerce website and delay in delivery of flat by builder are some of the examples which gives the sufferer consumer right to lodge a complaint before the competent consumer Commission. Lawyer Mitra has credible consumer lawyers in Noida to fight your consumer matter and get you appropriate compensation. Lawyer Mitra also helps the consumers having small claim amount and willing to contest their consumer case on their own.
Accidental claims
The traffic density and sheer number of vehicles on the roads has increased the safety of pedestrians and drivers. Apart from motor accidents, there can be other unfortunate events, the happening of which can be result of negligence by any individual or body corporate. Under Indian law negligence that causes injury to an individual is an actionable claim apart from being a criminal act, for which the victim is entitled to seek compensation. Also, various government and private bodies are bound by legislation to provide compensation in case of happening of any accident due to their negligence in operating their business. Our best lawyers in Noida have proven record of getting huge accidental claims for the victims of accidents. We have the best MACT lawyers in Noida for all your accident claims.