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Amazing experienced with Lawyer mitra. Thank u very much Ms. Ritu we ol love ur way, how u handled our many cases n reached to results 😘 u made her feel relax 😌. U r such great, professional n responsible lawyer 😊. Ur these qualities dragged us back to u for new cases Loyalty πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ Thank u so much once again πŸ’“ 😊😊
Aaisha Saifi
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Lawyer Mitra is a Very Professional Law Firm with depth knowledge of Law. Will Help at each and every stage of your case. Mrs. Ritu Rawat is very supportive, hard working and down to earth. I highly recommend Lawyer Mitra for any legal advise and representation.
Sarvesh S. Chandra/Marketing/HO Noida/Interarch
Excellent attorney: I am very pleased with the work Mrs. Rawat has done for my family. She is professional and great to work with. She is a good listener, works very hard and is also very candid and realistic, which I like. I believe she is truly interested and fully committed to our legal issues. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for family law representation.
dhruv dhariwal
Young, smart and upcoming team of lawyers who knows both law and its application. My appreciation for Lawyer Ritu Rawat and team. They can be fully trusted and relied upon. My best wishes for their success in the profession.
Sahu B B
One of the best Law Firm in Delhi-NCR. Ritu Rawat dedicated Professional having depth knowledge of law. She very supportive & hard working, down to earth, customer oriented attitude & lots of many qualities as a good human being, Samratian & Professional. Once you are associated with her then you need not to worry as she works tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome of case she handles. My best wishes to Lawyer Mitra team
Lokesh Sharma
I get the outcome I hoped for, and she is awesome to work with, Ritu di helped me by taking the time to answer my questions about a fairly specific part of the law. I called half a dozen people and she is the only one professional enough to return my call. I highly recommended lawyer mitra as i get the best experiance in my internship as she is soft spoken and best advisor.
Neha Saifi
One thing i like to share u vl get friendly attitude towards da client. Good lawyers . At least wth dem looks like dey are not looting like others.charges are quite aslo reasonable Great service.You vl on time response from dem as the professional use to do with der clients. As per me dey Good lawyers in Noida.. Good luck keep doing the way u r.
Sumit Katare
I got in touch with Adv.Ritu Rawat..The response was prompt , the legal advices were apt. I got legal agreement/s made which I got validated from a counterpart , the quality was upto the mark..and I'm ok to entrust further assignments in future.
anu gopalan
Ritu Rawat - Best lawyer i ever met. She is so knowledgable and humble.. she had corrected all mistakes which i did due to my past lawyer’s stupidity... Very professional and straightforward.. Best lawyer Of UP
Ishant Rawat
Lawyer mitra has done a tremendous work in solving legal issues of their client ..Mrs. rawat is able to defend their client from an unjust accusations..Their clam,empathetic and professional attitude towards client is best part of work... Mrs.rawat always consider opinions of their team member's before taking a final decision..I strongly recommend lawyer mitra without any reservation..
priyanka gupta
Adv. Ritu Rawat and team have looked after my matrimonial cases for over a year. This review is a relative assessment based on my experience of working with many lawyers over last 3 years. Pros: Professional attitude (rare in UP courts): Prompt responsiveness, timely services, and clear communication over fees Polite, emphatetic, and friendly with clients Available on email, sms, whatsapp, and call during working hrs. Crisp and clear drafting of application, WS, petition etc. after thorough case study Confident and affirmative presence in the court and in front of judge Cons: Fees relatively on the higher side
mrit Goyal



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